Referring Vets

At Animal Dermatology Specialist we appreciate your trust and consideration in our services. Are you a vet looking to refer a patient, or you have some referral related questions? Explore the sections below for our Clinical Summary Form and frequently asked questions.

Clinical Summary Form

Referring Vet FAQs

Clinical Summary Form

Submitting the form below enables our team to tailor our approach to referral consultations, and enhances the efficiency of our service to clients. This is our preferred method for obtaining pertinent history. We kindly remind you that submission of the form signifies an intention to refer and does not automatically secure an appointment. Clients are encouraged to directly contact our team to schedule appointments.

Does the patient have ear concerns?

Is the patient on a routine ear cleaner?

Has a culture been performed in the last 12 months?

Has an ear flush been performed?

Has imaging (radiography/CT/MRI) been performed?

Does the patient have skin concerns?

Have antibiotics been used in the last 12 months?

Aside from antibiotics, have any other oral medications been used previously?

Is the patient up to date with parasite control?

Has a food trial been performed?

Thank you for considering us as your trusted partner in your patient’s dermatological care. Please feel welcome to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to our professional collaboration.

Referring Vets FAQs

You may have questions about referring clients to us. Explore the frequently asked questions below to gain insights into our referral process and how we ensure the seamless care of your patients.

When should I refer?

You are welcome to refer at any point of the patient’s skin journey!

We know that every patient’s case is individual, as are their parents circumstances, so here are some point’s to consider when the ever-present option for referral becomes your primary recommendation:

  • Have you tried topical use of antiseptics to help resolve bacterial or fungal overgrowth? These can also be used as maintenance treatments to prevent recurring infections.
  • Are parasite treatment’s up to date for the whole (pet) household? Ensure to ask exactly when they were last administered.
  • Is the patient receiving a well-balanced diet containing omega oils? This will help to keep the skin barrier functioning and the skin supple.
  • Has the client been shown how to administer ear treatments on their pet? Sometimes the are unaware they are applying the treatment incorrectly until they are shown.
  • Is the patient getting a maintenance application of a drying ear cleaner using a flooding dose? This will ensure every aspect of the ear canal is treated and will help prevent recurring infections.
  • Has a strict food diet been performed to rule out food allergy?

Do I need to send an official referral letter?

It is not necessary for an official referral letter to be sent, although we will require a copy of the patient’s medical history (including relevant lab reports) to be emailed prior to the initial consultation. Please see our “Clinical Summary Form” above for our preferred referral method.

Can I make an appointment on behalf of my client?

Whilst we appreciate your commitment, we book appointments directly with the client. For initial consultations we process a pre-payment to secure the appointment and will go through what they can expect from their first appointment with us. For revisit appointments we can triage the urgency and often find client’s are more committed to attending the appointment when they organise it directly.

Do I need to stop medication prior to the patient's consultation with you?

No. For consultations we are able to see the patient regardless of what medication they are on, even if their skin condition is currently well controlled.

Should your client wish to pursue intradermal allergy testing this can only be done if they have withdrawn from antihistamine and steroid use. The immediate wellbeing of the patient always needs to be prioritised, as allergy testing can be performed in a subsequent visit.

Please be in contact with our team if you would like to discuss the withdrawal times of the above medications, or would like to discuss a plan to allow for intradermal allergy testing to take place.

How do we manage shared patient care?

We will send your clinic the mutual patient’s clinic summary report after every visit with us, as well as any relevant lab reports. Should you have any questions regarding the care plan outlined in our report please feel welcome to contact us anytime via phone or email, and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

I have other skin questions, how should I reach out?

Email is the best contact method for questions so we can provide a considered response. You are also welcome to call our clinic, please be aware we are a small team and may not always be available to answer your call, or tend to your voicemail immediately.

For a more in-depth one-on-one discussion with Dr Evie Knight we are able to organise a 10 minute Veterinary Professional Consultation.

Still have questions?

We are here to help!