Our Veterinary Dermatology Services

Our team is experienced in veterinary dermatology across a diverse range of species, including equines. Consultations for equine cases are available through coordination with your regular veterinarian, ensuring a collaborative approach to your horse’s health.

Environmental Allergy Testing

Much like the diversity of allergies in pets, there exists a range of methods available for conducting allergy testing. At Animal Dermatology Specialist we employ the most advanced methods, customising our testing approach according to the specific allergy affecting your pet. For some this means, intradermal allergy testing, blood testing, patch testing or a combination of these methods. Desensitisation is an option for pets with airborne allergies, or bee/wasp sting allergies. It stands as the sole approach to address the root cause of these conditions, in contrast to merely temporarily alleviating the symptoms, of these lifelong conditions.

Ear flush and examination

When ear infections become recurrent, or don’t respond to appropriate first line treatment, we recommend otoendoscopy and flushing. This is a minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedure involving an endoscope equipped with a light and camera. The patient is sedated or placed under a general anaesthetic (if flushing is to be performed) and the otoendoscope is gently inserted into the external ear canal. The anatomy of the ear canal, ear drum, any tumours or polyps, and foreign bodies can be assessed in much greater detail than is possible with handheld otoscopes. Additionally, the process of flushing the ear canal removes debris and infections, promoting a more favourable response to the necessary ongoing medical treatment.

Elimination Diet Trials

An elimination diet for your pet is a precise and controlled dietary approach designed to identify and manage food allergies or intolerances. During this process, potential allergens are removed from your pet’s diet, and they are fed a limited, hypoallergenic diet. This allows for the observation of any improvement in your pet’s condition. Once problematic ingredients are pinpointed, a tailored diet plan can be established to ensure your pet’s well-being and comfort.

Laser removal procedures

Service coming soon – enquiries are welcome.

Bee and Wasp Desensitisation

For some dogs, a bee or wasp sting causes more than just a mild irritation. In fact, as is the case for humans allergic to bees/wasps, a sting can be life threatening. At Animal Dermatology Specialist, we offer allergy testing and desensitisation to bee and wasp stings, to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis associated with subsequent stings from these spicy sky raisins.

Consultation and Examination of Pets

A large amount of information can be gained from a simple consultation and examination of a pet. Further testing is usually required to obtain a specific diagnosis, and formulate a tailored treatment plan, and the options will be discussed during your consultation.

Biopsy and Dermatopathology

Some unusual skin conditions require a skin biopsy to obtain an accurate diagnosis and prognosis. This involves the collection of a small tissue sample from the affected area, with the assistance of local anaesthesia, sedation, or a general anaesthetic, ensuring minimal discomfort. After collection, the sample is sent to a specialist dermatopathologist, who carefully considers our communication and carefully conducts a comprehensive analysis of tissue structure, cells, and any abnormalities present. Aiming to determine the precise nature of the skin condition affecting your pet to guide appropriate and effective treatment.

Telemedicine Consultations

At Animal Dermatology Specialist we understand the importance of accessible and convenient care for your pet. Persistent dermatological conditions necessitate continual care and support so we aim to stay connected and to ensure ongoing care, even when you cannot visit our clinic for an appointment. Our telemedicine consultations provide a streamlined and effective way to address your pet’s skin concerns from the comfort of your own home. Telemedicine consultation bookings are subject to approval by the specialist and are only offered once a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) has been established.